NB 70 - Electric Ro-Ro Ferry

TypeElectric Ro-Ro Ferry
Built2019 – CRIST Poland
ClassDNV – GL +1A1 – CAR FERRY A -EO – Battery Power

The ferry is to fulfil rules for Passenger Ships for Domestic National Voyages in sea area category B according to EC nr. 2009/45/EC including all later applicable amendments.
Passangers540 Passangers in Class C
390 Passangers in Class B
Dimension71.78 x 15.10 x 3.00 m
Main Engine3 x non-reversible, 4-stroke single-acting turbo charged inter-cooled high-speed engines.
Max continuous duty 60HZ: 1398 kW
Rated RPM: variable/typical 900-1800 rpm
Engine type: MTU 12V4000M64
Generator Three ABB three-phase shynchronous generators,
Voltage: 793V, 60Hz
Current: 1091,4 A
Generator type: ABB AMGO500MJ04LSE
Generator power: 1499 kVA (1349kW)
Speed: 1800 rpm Over speed: 2160 rpm
BunkersFuel :   83  m3.   FW :      37 m3.
Propeller2 x Rolls Royce
Bow Thruster2 x Rolls-Royce Tunnel Thruster
Battery Charging Batteries can be charged from shore through the shore connection inverter section of the ODCG SWBD. The charging sequence is controlled by PEMS.
Battery Lithium Ion battery total capacity 2984kWh in 18 packs of batteries was delivered by Corvus Energy
Battery Operation The batteries are designed for hybrid and all-electric operation of vessels
Passanger Accommodation The passengers’ facilities are arranged in two separate saloons and shall include comfortable resting chairs, dining chairs and tables, public toilets including disabled toilet, cafeteria for self-service, children’s play area, flexible room, galley and provision rooms. Open deck with benches and tables to be arranged on deck 4 and 5.
Cargo Space The Ro-Ro cargo area is divided vertically in two parts.
PS fixed deck for trucks, buses and private cars and SB two decks; one fixed deck and one hoistable mezzanine deck for private cars.

The Ro-Ro deck is to be arranged with two lanes of private cars in SB including mezzanine deck and two lanes of trailers on PS side.

The Ro-Ro deck is to have access in both ends via land based ramps and the mezzanine deck to have access via ramps in both ends.
The closing of the Ro-Ro deck is to be arranged with bow visor, a WT inner door forward and WT door aft.
ElectronicsAll modern
Crew Accommodation Resting rooms for the crew, day room with small pantry and other crew related facilities, designed for efficient operation and attractive environment for the crew.

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